The new season of the innovative program COM2PENSATING BY PLANTING starts in autumn

CO2MPENSATING BY PLANTING – the first and unique Croatian project of reforestation of forest stands affected by climate change with the aim of restoring forests and compensating for CO2 emissions, is entering its third season this fall. We started the project as the Scout and Guide Association of Croatia in cooperation with Croatian Forests and the creative agency HEARTH, the first regional agency specialized in CSR projects. The project has so far involved thousands of volunteers, dozens of business partners and institutions and has become an excellent example of positive ESG practice. In addition to schoolchildren and scouts, numerous employees of the project's business partners are also happy to participate in reforestation actions in the form of team building. So far, more than 5,000 volunteers, symbolically called ŠUMOBORCI (ENG. TREE FIGHTERS), have participated in 56 organized reforestation actions, who, together with Scouts, HEARTH members and experts from Croatian forests, have planted more than 100,000 new seedlings in a total of 13 locations in Croatia.

Planting new trees, although very necessary, is not the only goal of this project, but is one of the tools in reducing harmful CO2 emissions. Business partners, who get involved in the project, can in this way symbolically compensate part of their CO2 emissions that they cannot reduce in other, conventional ways. At the same time, through the participation of their employees, they provide a positive example of care for the environment and the community and for the entire work team.

The CO2MPENSATING BY PLANTING project was recently, at the GREENCAJT sustainability festival, declared the best GREEN CAMPAIGN in Croatia in 2023.

A completely new website of the project is also in operation, from now on also in English, which contains an interactive map of reforestation, benefits for business partners and numerous other useful information as well as ways and possibilities of involvement in the project. More at